Now is The Time to Get Your Life Back on Track
And to Start YOUR Journey to Financial Freedom
And a Stress-Free Lifestyle
This lifestyle is NOT just a dream - meant only for
the fortunate few...
It is YOUR absolute birthright, and is not only possible, but inevitable!
2020 - 2022 completely destroyed many people's financial wellbeing 
However, it also provided other opportunities to get financially back on track 
Now 2023 - 2024 are the years that many will find new ways of earning a living...
NOW is The Time to Get Your Life Back on Track

And to Start YOUR Journey to Financial Freedom
And a Stress-Free Lifestyle


VALUED AT OVER $2,000.00!

What does it take to build the life that you want...?

It really does not matter whatever you want from your life you need one thing more than anything else – and that is, of course

What does it take to obtain all the money you need...?

It really doesn't matter how much money you want in your life you need one thing above all else to gain it – and that is...
the right MINDSET!
Making Money Mindset 

A very UNIQUE Personal Success Guide
with actionable practical help
 to ENSURE  your
financial well-being and time freedom
and living the life you deserve... 

This is a VERY unique, powerful book - and 10 part course that WILL ensure you take your first steps to financial success!

It is far more than just the standard 'get rich' book you have read many times before... It leads to a holistic approach to being successful in all aspects of your life.


Whatever challenge you have in your life – there IS always a solution…
However, for the solution to lead to permanent changes, rather than superficial ones you need to learn about yourself – and who you REALLY are...

The approach you should use whenever, you are trying to attract more money into your life is to forget about money – it's the things it can buy that will more likely match up to your personal positive vibrations...your intent.

The world is full of individuals acting like sheep following the moronic chase for money. The multi-millionaire authors are undoubtedly appealing to these people. On the other hand I help and advise individuals who want to remain individual and retain their personal integrity, in their journey to financial success.

Helping others to Success is the best way to ENSURE your own Success...

How can I help you to financially achieve your dreams?

By ensuring that you have the right mindset for success - first!

Without you having a positive, high vibration mindset - and a genuine desire to achieve financial success, no one can help you to achieve your dreams.

Without a positive attitude and self-belief, without passion and desire - and a willingness to work for it - anyone who wants financial success is simply a dreamer.

Once you have sufficient self-confidence and trust in yourself - helping other people to financially achieve their dreams, is the best way for you to achieve your own dreams.

You have not seen this content before

MAKING MONEY MINDSET  is not just a Book.
The book is the (essential) first part of a 10 part HOLISTIC program – a 'journey', delivered by email, that will start you on – and ensure you stay on, the right path to financial freedom and living the life you deserve...

Your Personal Financial Success

It is all well and good me just telling you that all success begins in the mind – and telling you that you deserve abundance – but, I will have failed in my own personal success goal if you don't get any success yourself. So, I am fully committed to personally helping you all I can to earn money Online

I am not selling a get rich quick scheme here (although you can potentially earn very quickly) - I am going to teach you
how to succeed earning money Online, in various ways...

In the MAKING MONEY MINDSET membership
I am going to introduce you to widely different, new,
and ground-breaking income opportunities;

Some are completely passive and FREE to join (and earn)
Some require some
risk-free 'investment'
Some require some very simple work
Some require some very basic marketing skills
They all involve genuinely helping others...


They ALL have the potential to set you on a journey to
Complete Financial Freedom

And they All Come With my Personal Help And Assistance

Financial Freedom

like all the others...

NO - I'm Showing You YOUR Potential Future Reality

What you will learn...

and much, much more...

If I told you that the REAL value of this book was $2,000.00 or even more (much more) you would doubtless scoff, and think I was being ridiculous
and crazily over estimating myself.


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I will tell you however, that this book and membership could be worth much more than $2,000.00 because it has the potential to start you on a journey to earning 10s of times more than this amount!

Am I just Selling a Dream Here?
like all the others

There is NO Reason You Cannot Get
YOUR Life  Back on Track And Gain Financial Freedom

Is there a money-back Guarantee?
Of course there is


I want no one's money if they cannot resonate with me and my teaching.
I exist in the dense 3D world – but, I 'live' in a higher vibration dimension.
The last thing I would EVER do is take anyone's hard-earned money
for nothing. My personal integrity is far too important to me.

My goal in this life is not to gain personal wealth - but to change other people's lives for the better (that includes yours)

I already support many people, in the village in Northern Thailand
where I live, who are disadvantaged - and proceeds
from this program will enable me to financially help more...

If you find NO personal value with this information - I can ONLY suggest that you are not yet ready to do what is necessary to gain your own Personal Success and if that's the case with you...
Send me an email - and I will personally Paypal you back
5 x the amount you paid me!

TODAY you can get 99.95% DISCOUNT off this membership

because it is important that you act immediately
so you do not lose out on first-mover advantage in these income opportunities 

However please, for your sake, pretend you have paid the full price for it
and treat it as such... because you will achieve nothing by doing nothing! 
And I will have achieved nothing, in terms of helping you - by you doing nothing! 

I told you I gave my courses away - however - although I'm charging you
ONE US $Dollar for this course (to prove you're an action-taker and not just a 'freebie' junkie and dreamer) - if you join with me in the FREE to join PASSIVE, Income Opportunity that I recommend - you will be paid $5.00...!
Thereby making this course even better than free!

There are NO OTOs or hidden upgrades 
(I do not go along with the usual sales deceptons)

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(I will NOT be sending you endless affiliate offers and advertising!)

Once you have the book look out for the email course from 'Geoff Barra'


12/1 M7 Sisutto
Udon Thani

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