The Internet world has more than it's fair share of evil, despicable and vile major scammers. It also has far too many low-life scammers – all out to 'earn' money, get money from people with all sorts of schemes and self-serving falsehoods.

These scammers are the bane of real, and decent, Internet entrepreneurs, because they muddy the Internet waters for everyone.

The scammers are responsible for causing distrust and mistrust and scepticism about the whole Internet entrepreneurial ecosystem.

'Ah, you can't trust anything you hear on the Internet' … and so on.

How can we fight back against the low-life scammers and their evil intent to gain, steal, our money by deceit and lies?

The first thing is, of course, not to become one yourself. Do not knowingly promote or advertise anything to other people that is not completely legitimate.

If you have been scammed out of some money yourself, do not scam others in the same manner as a way recouping your losses. This will not work in the long-term anyway I can assure you.

Personally, I have lost $tens of thousands to Internet scammers over the past twenty years or so. I guess, that says a lot about my naivety and gullibility.

However, I have never been tempted to continue in a scam and promote it to others just to gain some money back. I count my losses as learning experiences. I don't actually even blame or hate the scammers personally.

They are merely victims themselves of the deliberate indoctrination, we all go through, of fear of the lack and scarcity of abundance.

With a fear-based mindset like that many people simply respond to this indoctrination in the 'trained' dog-eat-dog manner.
'Ah, you have to fight for everything in life, or you get nothing.'
Integrity and honesty flies out the window in the desperate scramble to get as much as what is available for themselves, as quickly as possible. Before others can get it.


The world is actually completely opposite to what we have been taught to think.

There is an abundance of anything, everything.

And that abundance is available for anyone, everyone, who actually 'asks' for it, with intent, and sets out to get it with the right mindset.


Yes, the scammers might enjoy their ill-gotten wealth, for the materialistic things it can buy them, but in the long-term, they will never enjoy their wealth as much as the person who gains it with integrity and honesty.

And the people who earn their wealth in an honest and genuine way – by helping other people, will enjoy their's even more.

To me Integrity is the corner stone of existence. Without it a person is hollow. They will go through life in a very superficial way, and lose out on so much other 'wealth' that is available, other than the monitory kind.


Integrity is a very powerful mentality. It brings about its own rewards, in terms of living with higher personal vibrations. It leads to a cognizance of far more other aspects of life that are often missed.

For example; by acting with integrity you are opening yourself up a whole new level of self-awareness. You feel good about what you are doing. You gain self-esteem and confidence.

You can hold your head higher. You can face other people with more self-assurance, and you can enjoy a greater inner peace.



Sometimes, even acting with a high degree of integrity, you may still come face-to-face with many challenges. You may find that your honestly held beliefs are erroneous, and may cause problems for people. However, if this is ever the case you can be assured that these challenges to you, and others, will be far easier to overcome.

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